Graphic designer from Raleigh, North Carolina. 

BFA Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design 🎓

I’m interested in empathetic, human centered design and creating meaningful digital experiences.

Previously at CMMPR, Better World by Design, and The Indy
Currently at The Jewish Museum.


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This small interactive game, coded with p5js, aims to help the player find their way home on a rainy evening. Considering the idea of many traditional games, with win conditions and competition from other players, I chose to build a game where gameplay is largely sympathetic, driven by the simple task of guiding someone home through a route with certain obstacles. The simple graphics attempt to confuse the walkable route for the main character, with the player having to time their way through different spinning wheels. In the end, very little happens when you reach your end goal—there is no incentive for you besides knowing you accomplished the task.