Graphic designer from Raleigh, North Carolina. 

BFA Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design šŸŽ“

Iā€™m interested in empathetic, human centered design and creating meaningful digital experiences.

Previously at CMMPR, Better World by Design, and The Indy
Currently at The Jewish Museum.


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A yard sale is a neighborhood event, not overly concerned with clearing all available merchandise, but more about good finds and community. I created this branding for a small, one time neighborhood yard sale, with the goal of creating a toolkit for those selling. The colors are meant to be friendly and fun, without being overly sweet, and the modular system for imagery helps sellers drop in their own photos. With the use of Arial, a system font, the design process is streamlined and accessible for anyone hoping to quickly make signage or a poster for their booth at the sale. Ephemera includes a site map, signage, promotional flyers, wayfinding, and an environmental alternative to bubble wrap.