Graphic designer from Raleigh, North Carolina. 

BFA Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design 🎓

I’m interested in empathetic, human centered design and creating meaningful digital experiences.

Previously at CMMPR, Better World by Design, and The Indy
Currently at The Jewish Museum.


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This is an ongoing exploration in 3D scanning and modeling technologies. Based on the Freudian idea of the uncanny being rooted in the ‘double’, with the tension between the familiar and unfamiliar, I am investigating the methods in which you can see yourself. Usually only familiar with seeing ourselves from a mirror, which only shows the front, I portrayed a way to see myself in a completely new light.

There is a deliberate attempt to not hide anything that would indicate the project’s digital origin. All the roughness of the scans, as well as the lines of the 3D programs they were texture mapped in, have been fully preserved, and even emphasized at times.

                            3D Scanned Video, image re-mapped on scanned model

Scans digitally manipulated in Rhino