Graphic designer from Raleigh, North Carolina. 

BFA Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design 🎓

I’m interested in empathetic, human centered design and creating meaningful digital experiences.

Previously at CMMPR, Better World by Design, and The Indy
Currently at The Jewish Museum.


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Cold Cuts is a short story by Julia Pierpont that I have adapted visually for print and web. In it, the author recounts when she was sixteen and living with her elderly grandmother in New York City. After a hard fall, bruises begin to flower on her grandmother’s body, and the narrator reminsces on how her sagging skin and the brusies remind her of cold cuts of meat. I wanted to keep the color palette muted and serious, with references to colors usually found in bruises, and show the contrast in imagery and texture mentioned in the essay.  

18x24” Broadsheet Publication

Website landing screen